Monday, July 6, 2009

Help me name my new Kitten


This adorable little fellow found me during the fireworks display at a local fair! I figure he is about 8 or 10 weeks old, not sure about that though. He is a totally little feral boy that came hiding around my hubby’s concession stand during the release of the fireworks and was just so scared! That is my arm he is sleeping on in the picture. He has a kooky little habit of putting his nose against mine and then proceeding with trying to nibble my nose! He gives great kitty hugs/head butts too. He is a clinging vine as well when he knowsI'm up he wants out of the crate and to be my second skin. ( I tried letting in bed with me the first night, but he had a accident in bed, so now it's the crate at night, at least until he and the litter box become better acquainted.) He is also terrified of the dogs here, another reason for the crate, so he can become acclimated to the dogs and barking and such. Also so they get used to him and give up trying to chase him around the house when he gets on the floor. I'm using it to protect him form them mainly, I have a winter blanket over the top of it to make a cave for him to hide in.

Now, the problem, I need some suggestions as to what to name him, please? Right at the moment I'm calling him Charlie, but I'm not happy with that so I'm asking for suggestions.

Sandy Ellis

I've come up with:



coddinam said...

Hello Sandy! He is a sweet looking boy! That is so kind of you to take him in.I have 3 cats myself & we love them to pieces! Lol! I like the following names:Boots, Simb,Murphy,Alex,Nipper and Sebastian...Good Luck! Ann

Anonymous said...

Sandy, after hearing about the death of Tinkerbelle I am glad you found a new little friend. I too was adopted by a cat in February at my office - I named him Desmond. We already had one cat, Twinkie. He has started getting ill and our vet has suggested the teeth cleaning. I am vasilating back and forth on the issue of the proceedure since he will have to go under and he is so old. Good luck with your little guy- Maribeth (

Split Rock Ranch said...

Bless you for taking in this sweet little boy! If you haven't named him yet, how about Liberty or Sparkler since 4th of July is his Gotcha date. I hope you have many happy years together.