Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Scare Today!

I thought I had really messed up my computer badly today! I had downloaded and installed a program to update my device drivers and used it once successfully. Well today I decided to get another driver and update it, BAD MOVE! The driver I downloaded and installed messed up my keyboard and mouse in a way that they wouldn’t work! I fought with this silly machine for hours and finally managed to get it to do a restore point for me and THAT finally worked. Be VERY careful what you download! Even if it appears to be something to improve your machine, you just don’t know what it might do!

Oh and while I”m on the subject, NEVER try to defrag your registry?!?! It just doesn’t like it and it will really mess with your computer! I did it and had to reformat, and reinstall everything afterwards! If you  don’t know exactly what you are doing the best thing is allow your computer do download updates for you. That way you know the update is compatible with your operating system and machine, or go directly to the manufacturer’s site and download the updates form them!

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