Friday, February 27, 2009

I've Been Taged!!!

K-Ming's My Litttle Trinkus aka Munchkin
This is a picture from the Miniature Sharpei Club of America 2004 Nationals.
This was Munchkin's first show and mine as an owner, but I wasn't able to show her this time, I was acting as the ring steward that day. A wonderful friend's daughter did show her and she won several blue ribons in the puppy classes that day, I was so very proud of her. In fact this was the day we meet as well, she got to come home with me after the show was over and has been a constant companion ever since then. We did take her to another show after this one, but she seemed so very oncomfortable that day that I decided it was for the best if she retired from the show circuit and be a lovable home body which she has really shined at since.
Since I have been tagged it was explained to me that now I get to pass the torch to 6 more lucky bloggers.
They are in turn to go to their "My Pictures" folder on their computer and select the 6th, (or 5th, 4th, 3ed, 2ed, or 1st which ever applies), folder there, then to select the 6th picture in that folder and put it on their blog and write about it. Below is the list of selected blogs I have picked.

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