Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moo Two Blog Hop!! Freebie CU Word Art + Frame!!

I was supposed to have a freebie posted this Saturday AM, but had an unexpected house guest and was thrown for a loop! Please, forgive me and accept my sincerest of apologies. Belated as it is, here is my small part of the blog hop.

It can be downloaded from :

Friday, March 18, 2011

Final Week for a freebie for a bit

Here is the add-on to my kit called, Creamcicle. It is available here for download.

The main part of the kit is available though Ivy Scraps  and the preview is below, and the download link is in the gallery. Oh! Please remember to cast a vote for me in the contest here. The voting is open on Saturday and Sunday only, so remember to vote, please?

I want to again thank you all for your support in this contest and also the previous contest I had participated in. I am tired and yet very happy that I did both of them back to back! Now I can relax for a bit and play with some or all of the entries and perhaps even come up with a few new kits as the result of all the designing I've been doing. I know that at the least I have several new things to use as a starting point.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 4 at Ivy Scraps Designer Contest and Another Freebie!

Again I am pleased to offer you another freebie, with a request to vote in the Ivy Scraps Designer Contest hopefully for me, but only if you honestly like my designs. There are plenty of downloads there for the grabbing, too, so feel free to grab the goodies! Here is the preview of the Add-on for the contest entry this week.

The main kit is available in the gallery at Ivy Scraps. And of course the voting thread is located in the Forum. Just remember that the voting is on Saturday and Sunday only, I would so appreciate your help and support in this round. Just look for the Week 4 Voting and then go down to SandEz Creationz for vote for me. Thanks in Advance. (Below you will find the preview for the entry.)


A BIG thank you goes out to Boop1935 for alerting me to the fact that I forgot to include a download link for the add-0n kit. A big apology to everyone for my oversight!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 3 of Ivy's Scraps Contest & A Freebie!

Yes, it is now week 3 in the Ivy Scraps Designer Contest. What is so special is that you  can download another freebie! Here is the preview of the Contest entry for you to see.

I hope you like it and will consider voting for me in the contest. The voting thread can be found here:  Ivy Scraps Designer Contest Voting Thread.

The gallery link to download the contest entry is: Ivy Scraps Gallery/ SandEz Creationz Entry

 Here is the preview of the Add-on.

I really love the way this came out so better grab it while it's a freebie, because I will be reworking and adding to it and putting into my store very soon, where it will no longer be free.

Thank you for all of your support during the contest.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Romantic What A Great title for a Kit and here is a freebie for You!

This is a little freebie that coordinates with the mini kit I have entered at Ivy Scraps in the Designer Contest there.There are tons of freebies there for your scrapping pleasure, all you have to do is go to the gallery and download till your hearts' content!

While you are over at Ivy Scraps, I would really appreciate you're casting a vote for me beginning tomorrow. You do have to join the forum, but the ladies there are so very nice, you won't regret it.

My best designing friend and "sister" had a virus to pop on her computer so she is linking here for her friends to pick up a bit of scrapbooking goodies. But please do go in and vote for her. OOPS! Forgot to tell you her name, Lizard Dau Designs, and she is a great designer! Thank you for all of your support.


Here is the main part of my kit that can be downloaded from Ivy Scraps.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Contest ='s New Freebies!

That's right folks I have joined another contest and that means more pleading for your votes and of course more freebies for you as well!! So here goes! This time the contest is at Ivy Scraps and is going to last for the next 5 weeks! that means five weeks worth of freebies here on my blog!! All for you to download and use for personal use!

Again, I am asking for your support by voting for me in the contest. All it requires is for you to sign up for the forum at Ivy Scraps and vote! Very simple to do and the ladies there are wonderful to work with. Below is my preview for the entry this week. the download link is in the gallery at Ivy Scraps, just below the preview, and please feel free to leave a comment in the gallery if you like.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great New Freebie for You!

There are 3 very scenic overlays, called Glorious Nature, that are commercial use made from photos taken personally. One even has an opening for your photo to be placed. These can be downloaded HERE. (Sorry, no longer available.)
A lovely lady named Wilma alerted me to the fact that I had goofed up the links. Thank you Wilma! It has been fixed and you should get the proper downloads now.

The main bulk of the overlays can be seen and downloaded from "Stuff to Scrap's Designer Darling" contest. My post with the preview & link is about middle way on the page. I would also ask that you support me in making these freebies available to you all by casting a vote for me in the voting thread that will appear on Saturday. Below you can see a preview of the other part of my entry for the week.

I want to thank you in advance for your continuing support.


I have a very dear friend who is also a designer that for some unexplainable reason is not being picked up by the search engines. Her entry this week is called "Stackables." These are overlays that can be added to each other to form a complete page design, or just as an accent, and are very chic! Her designer name is Lizard Dau Designs and we would both love it if you could also vote for her.

OOPS! I almost forgot to show you her previews, sorry Liz! The link to her post is HERE.
(Sorry no longer available.)