Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 4 at Ivy Scraps Designer Contest and Another Freebie!

Again I am pleased to offer you another freebie, with a request to vote in the Ivy Scraps Designer Contest hopefully for me, but only if you honestly like my designs. There are plenty of downloads there for the grabbing, too, so feel free to grab the goodies! Here is the preview of the Add-on for the contest entry this week.

The main kit is available in the gallery at Ivy Scraps. And of course the voting thread is located in the Forum. Just remember that the voting is on Saturday and Sunday only, I would so appreciate your help and support in this round. Just look for the Week 4 Voting and then go down to SandEz Creationz for vote for me. Thanks in Advance. (Below you will find the preview for the entry.)


A BIG thank you goes out to Boop1935 for alerting me to the fact that I forgot to include a download link for the add-0n kit. A big apology to everyone for my oversight!


Wilma said...

Thanks for your contribution to the contest! Love the lkittle froggs and the lace is so nice!

boop1935 said...

Came byf to get your addon to your gorgeous kit but didn't find a download link. thanks anyway and keep up the good work plus good luck