Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News from K-Joi

More Good news from K-Joi Studios! It should only be a few more days and everything should be on the new servers! I can just imagine that by the first of the week, that everything will be up and running! So stay tuned and I will let you know just as soon as I know that things are back in order and ready to roll.

You can also check out the K-Joi Studio blog to keep abreast of what's happening there. Kara is doing a wonderful job of keeping things posted about the change over to the new servers. I know that I can't wait for everything to be moved. She did post today that he forums will be down until they are moved so that none of the posts would be lost.

I just know that all of the designer contestants, the Joi-De Vivre, are on pins and needles with anticipation for the announcement and go ahead for the final round of voting. Everything has been turned in and the voting will begin as soon as the forum is moved and enabled. Oh My! The waiting is soooo hard!! LOL!

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